A group of superhumans who have been worshiped by the races in the Archaiverse back in the ancient times. Now, only a few still worship them.

The thing is, the pantheon members actually exist--and they're not actual deities at all.

Pantheon Members Edit

Zaire (Deity of War & Fire) (Depicted as...dunno yet) (Class: Red Knight)

Cthzeo (Deity of Chaos & Darkness) (Depicted as a draconian wearing armor and with red eyes) (Class: ???)

Abtum (Deity of Creation & Water) (Depicted as a kind, elderly man) (Class: Hydromancer)

​Renzo & Reiko (Deities of ??? & Electric) (Originally a deity that would be pronounced with both terms but changed to twin deities) (Depicted as two teenagers who wears the same gloves, shoes and possibly accessories if they wear any. Their clothes, while different, also have the same color.) (Class: Volt Mage & Volt Mage)

??? (Deity of Order & Light) (Class: Paladin)

??? (Deity of Nature) (< Also doubles as Grass/Earth--so she's basically a Deity of Grass and Earth) (Class: ???)

​??? (Deity of ??? & ???) (Class: ???)