Archons are support specialists who have mastered the art of stealing an opponent's strength and converting that raw energy into beneficial magic. This allows them to bolster their allies, instantly turning the tide of battle when things seem bleakest.


Passives Edit

Blood Pact (Early Game, upgrades 5 levels later): Increases the maximum stack size of Searing Vitality by 1. (Up to 1 more upgrade)

Favored Ally (Early Game, upgrades each 10 levels): Increases the radius of your Archon buff auras by 1 tile per upgrade. (Up to 2 more upgrades)

Strength of Stone (Just after Power Drain): Pillaging Stone places a stacking buff on you, increasing your offensive stats by an amount equal to 5% of the amount debuffed on the enemy. Max 5 stacks. Increases the stat bonuses Vitality of Stone grants by 10%. (Base level; 2 more upgrades.)

Earthen Shards (Same level as Illuminate): Increases the Critical Strike Chance bonus from your Earthen Barrage by 1%. (1 more upgrade)

Purging Flames (between Vitality and Volcanic Bomb): Cleansing Flames now removes 1 random buff from up to 10 enemies in the target area.

Actives Edit

Searing Vitality (Start): Sends drops of blood at an enemy. Applies Burning I for 3 turns. Applies Searing Vitality to the user each turn, increasing max HP by 2% per stack. A stack is added each time the user takes damage from the DoT. Max 5 Stacks. Lasts 5 turns. Only two enemies may be affected at once. The effect cannot be refreshed.

Torrid Vigor: Deals 2% more dmg. Also increases the damage taken from non-Thief-like/Mage-like abilities by 12%.

Range: 4

Pillaging Stone (Start): Channels magic and energy from stone for 2 turns. Afterwards, sends it at an enemy in the form of a cracked, glowing rock. Deals medium magic earth dmg and reduces the enemy's STR and MAG for 4 turns.

Ashen Defense (Early Game): Turns the enemy's armor into ash, increasing physical damage taken by 5% for 4 turns. Increases your DEF and RES/M-DEF/whatever its called now by 2 for 5 turns.

Flowing Sand: Makes the target's path a pile of sand, reducing SPD by 25% and Movement by 1. Increases the Archon's SPD By 50% and Movement by 2, both lasting 3 turns. Removes immobilizing effects from the Archon. 6 turn CD.

Power Drain: Reduces the target's damage dealt by 10%. Increases your damage dealt by 10%. Sets your movement to 1. Toggled move.

Shared Vigor: Increases max health on all party/raid members by 10%.

Purification: Removes 1 Possession, DoT, or Infection.

Crumbling Resistance: Makes the target's armor cracked, increasing magic damage taken by 5% for 4 turns. Increases ALL of your elemental resistances by 5%.

Earthen Barrage: Channels earth damage for 2 turns. Afterwards, sends a volley of stalactites at the enemy, dealing heavy magic earth dmg. Increases Crit Chance by 3% for 3 turns on all allies. 6 turn cd.

Illuminate: Causes the enemy to take an additional 25% damage when hit for 10 turns. Each attacker may trigger this once every 2 turns. Elucidate: Each time this effect is triggered you are granted a stack of Illuminated Earth, which increases the damage of your next Pillaging Stone by 10%. Stacks 20 times.

Cleansing Flames: Removes 1 Possession, DoT or Infection from up to 10 allies in a 5x5 area 1 turn later.

Lava Field: Turns a certain area (5x5) into lava for 3 turns. Deals medium magic lava damage over 3 turns to up to 10 enemies in the target area. When cast, all allies will have their damage increased by 5% for 4 turns. 6 turn CD.

Volcanic Bomb: Channels fire and stone magic for 1 turn. On the next turn, sends a glowing, brown and orange rock with dripping lava at an enemy. Deals medium magic fire & earth or lava damage to the target. Applies Lavaburn for 2 turns aswell. Increases all allies' damage done for 3 turns. The damage bonus is not applied until 10 turns later.

Waning Power: Reduces the target's STR and/or MAG by 5% (whichever is higher) for 3 turns. Increases the Archon's MAG by 10% for 3 turns. 9 turn CD.

Vitality of Stone: Increases all allies' main offensive stat by 10%, in a 7x7 around the Archon.

Spark Shower: Channels fire magic for 2 turns, before sending it into the air. Fire will rain down in a 5x5 around you, dealing medium magic fire dmg to up to 5 enemies. Increases allies' SPD by 15% and Movement by 1. 6 turn CD.

Arcane Aegis: Increases all elemental resistances by 5%, DEF/M-DEF (whichever is lower) by 10% on all allies in a 7x7 around you. Lasts 10 turns. 10 turn CD.

Surging Flare: Channels fire energy for 2 turns. Afterwards, releases it at an enemy in the form of a beam, dealing heavy magic fire dmg. Reduces cast time of all allies by 1 turn (only abilities that take more than 1 turn to cast will be affected) for 2 turns. 4 turn CD.

Granite Salvo: Channels earth energy for 1 turn. Afterwards, releases it at an enemy in the form of a barrage of rocks coming out of your staff's tip. Increases Weapon DMG by 10% for 3 turns on all party and raid members.

[ULTIMATE MOVE] Flaring Power: Calls down a meteor to fall on the back of your formation, for a show off. Increases your team's Weapon DMG by 15% for 2 turns on all party and raid members.

[ULTIMATE MOVE] Seething Potential: Increases your team's damage done by 20% for 2 turns. Passively increases all damage the Archon does by 15%.