Archons are support specialists who have mastered the art of stealing an opponent's strength and converting that raw energy into beneficial magic. This allows them to bolster their allies, instantly turning the tide of battle when things seem bleakest.


Passives Edit

Blood Pact (Early Game, upgrades 5 levels later): Increases the maximum stack size of Searing Vitality by 1. (Up to 1 more upgrade)

Favored Ally (Early Game, upgrades each 10 levels): Increases the radius of your Archon buff auras by 1 tile per upgrade. (Up to 2 more upgrades)

Strength of Stone (Just after Power Drain):

Searing Vitality (Start): Sends drops of blood at an enemy. Applies Burning I for 3 turns. Applies Searing Vitality to the user each turn, increasing max HP by 1% per stack. Max 5 Stacks. Lasts 5 turns. Only two enemies may be affected at once. The effect cannot be refreshed. Torrid Vigor: Deals 1% more dmg. Also increases the damage taken from non-Thief-like/Mage-like abilities by 12%.

Range: 4

Pillaging Stone: