Cauterizers are White Mages who got interested in Fire Magic. They have unconsciously tapped into their healing spells and changed their element to the Fire Element.

They are more focused on closing wounds and warming their teammates up; but can also ignite their opponents if needed.

Base Stats Edit

Max Stats Edit

Innate Skill Edit

Cauterizer's Calming Flames (User has access to the skill menu: Purifier's Magic)

Class Skills Edit


Cauterizer's Calming Flames Edit

Passives: Edit

Invigorating Flames: Your flames are able to stop others from bleeding. (Rank 1)

Your flames are now able to remove poison and venom from allies. (Rank 2)

Warmtherapy: Create an intense flame on the palm of your hand to remove poison/venom from allies in a 3x3 around you. 2 turn CD.