Usable Weapons: Daggers/Knives, Whips [wuuut!]

(Hunter did some good work on these skills :thumbsup:)

Promotes to Edit

Voodoo Master

Base Stats Edit

HP: 15 (Stat Growth: 40%)

STR: 3 (Stat Growth: 25%)

DEF: 2 (Stat Growth: 30%)

MAG: 5 (Stat Growth: 65%)

M-DEF: 4 (Stat Growth: 45%)

SPD: 5 (Stat Growth: 50%)

SKL: 5 (Stat Growth: 50%)

LCK: 0 (Stat Growth: 30%)

Stat Spread: 24

Max Stats Edit


Innate Skill Edit

Doll Maker Powers (User has access to the skill menu: "Doll Maker Powers")

Class Skills Edit

[Obtaining them]

LVL 1 - Control Ally (Rank 1) (User controls one of their allies, basically giving them an extra turn. The user also aids their ally they are controlling in battle.) (?% chance to aid in blocking damage or dealing more damage for an ally)

LVL 5 - Strings (Rank 1) (After moving, the user has a 20% chance to control any enemy and attack itself or other enemies--provided they are in its range.)

LVL 10 - Disability (Rank 1) (After moving, the user has a 40% chance to slow any enemy down.)

Doll Maker Powers Edit

No. They're not in order from what level they are obtained at. Haven't thought about it yet

LVL ? - Doll Militia (Requires a dice roll. Up to 6 dolls can be spawned to do x1-x6 damage next attack but the dolls go away after. The target's DEF is boosted by half of the dice's roll.) (Range currently undecided) (CD Unknown)

LVL ? - Playtime (User will whip, slap, and kick the target 2 times each and then binds the target to not move for 2 turn roulettes/rotations) (Range currently undecided. Probably a range of 1) (CD Unknown)

LVL ? - Quadwhip (User will whip up to three enemies with a 5-string whip. They deal 6-8 DMG + STR or MAG [undecided] down the line.) (Example: E1 will take 8 DMG, E2 takes 7, E3 takes 6, etc.)