They say that in the future, Gunners will be by far the most common class in the world. Honestly I'd like that to be true, but I'm getting off track. The Gunner is an average ranged class that uses guns and other firearms to attack their enemies. [Description by Tom. I'll prob add an alt. description for gunners if I can think of any]

Both male and female Gunners wear long pants. However, some female gunners choose to wear a simple dress as well.

Usable Weapons: Guns

Armor Types: Light

Movement: 5

Promotes to Edit

Cowpoke (Mounted)

Heavy (Can now use Gatling Guns)


Base Stats Edit

HP: 16 (Stat Growth: 50%)

STR: 5 (Stat Growth: 65%)

DEF: 3 (Stat Growth: 40%)

MAG: 1 (Stat Growth: 10%)

M-DEF: 2 (Stat Growth: 15%)

SPD: 7 (Stat Growth: 75%)

SKL: 6 (Stat Growth: 75%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 50%)

CON: 7

Stat Spread: 25

Max Stats Edit


Class Skills Edit

[Learning skills]

LVL 5 - Quick Draw (Rank 1) (User deals 2 more DMG when they initiate an attack)

LVL 10 - Gunner's Luck (Rank 1) (Increases LCK by 2 and Hit % by 10)

[Upgrading skills]

LVL 7 - Quick Draw (Rank 2) (User deals 4 more DMG when they initiate an attack)

LVL 12 - Gunner's Luck (Rank 2) (Increases LCK by 4 and Hit % by 15)