Justicars are defensive Clerics - Light Mages - who excel at fighting shoulder to shoulder with their allies in close combat. Their conviction builds with each swing of their weapon, allowing them to unleash potent healing and damage around them.

Base Stats Edit


Max Stats Edit

Innate Skill Edit

Justicar's Radiances (Allows the user to access the skill menu: "Justicar's Radiances")

Class Skills Edit

TBA. The reasons why I don't move Salvation and Just Cause to here (since class skills are "passive" skills) is because they only work with Justicars.

Justicar's Radiances Edit

(Passive) Salvation: Causes damaging abilities to restore health to the Justicar. Restores twice as much when using single target abilities. Restores a quarter of that health when using area-effect abilities. Generates no threat.

(Passive) Miracle: Salvation but now it restores twice as much health, and the single target bonus is removed. Restores a quarter of that health when using area-effect abilities. Restores 5% of that health when using

(Passive) Just Cause: Gives the Justicar 1 more Conviction per skill level. (Up to 3 more. Each 5 levels after this has been first learned. Should be mid to late game.)

Doctrines Edit

Doctrine of Glory: Consumes all Convictions. Reduces damage taken by 2% per Conviction consumed for 1 turn. 3 turn CD. (End game)

Doctrine of Authority: Deals heavy physical light dmg. Restores 10% of the damage dealt by this skill to the 5 closest allies in a 3x3 radius around the Justicar.

Max Convictions: 4 (7 with Just Cause maxed.)

Bolt of Radiance: Deals low magic light dmg. 1 turn CD.

Range: 3.

Hammer of Duty: Consumes all Convictions. Deals low physical light dmg. Deals 5% more damage per Conviction obtained.

Range: 1.

Even Justice: Spins around, dealing low physical light dmg to targets in a 3x3 area around the Justicar. Consistent Justice: Now grants a Conviction per target successfully hit. Passively causes your Convictions to reduce incoming damage by 1% per Conviction.

Range: 3x3.

Hammer of Faith: Makes the Justicar's weapon a hammer of light, followed by him/her smashing the ground. Deals low physical light damage in a 3x3. Deals 5% more damage per Conviction obtained. Consumes all Convictions. Hammer of Belief: Does not consume Convictions anymore.

Range: 3x3.

Provoke: Forces the enemy to attack the Justicar for 1 turn. 2 turn CD.

Glorious Provoking: Target is enraged, taking 15% more damage from the Justicar for 2 turns. 3 turn CD.

Resplendent Embrace: Increases Max HP by 20%. Increases healing received by 50%. Lasts for 1 turn.

Strike of Retribution: Deals medium physical light damage. Used after the enemy misses/the Justicar blocks an attack. 2 turn CD. Range: 1.

Rebuke: Pulls up to 5 enemies to the Justicar, forcing them to attack him/her for 1 turn. 3 turn CD.

Reckoning: Deals medium physical light dmg. Increases SPD by 15% and Movement by 1 for 2 turns. 3 turn CD.

[ULTIMATE MOVE] Total Assurance: Grants 7 Convictions. Increases all damage dealt by 50% for 2 turns. Increases damage and healing of the next 2 Conviction consuming abilities by an additional 50%.

[ULTIMATE MOVE] Absolute Assurance: Same effects as Total Assurance, but now this passively protects you from Godly Moves.