Venuzians Edit

Yung Venuz (M)

Yung Cuz (M)

Vung Yenuz (M) (Deceased)

Trolls Edit

Cordor (M)

FM (F) (In another universe, presumed dead.)

RT (M)

Lorene (F)

Dwarves Edit

K (M)

Elves Edit

Xylia Phyliss (F)

Virido Phyliss (M)

Drows (Dark Elves) Edit

Mysten Eclipse (M)

Lizardmen Edit

Yelkintic von Phantom (M)

Stickmen Edit

King David (M)

Brocks Edit

Broque Monsieur (M)

Mini Broque (M?) (Probably dead)

Brickle (M)

Mythical Beasts Edit



(to be revealed)

(to be brought back) - legacy

(to be brought back) - legacy

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