"I dare you to evade my shots. No matter how far you run or where you hide, you are as good as dead. I do not tire, I do not hesitate. And I never miss. I will defeat you." - A female Marksman who opposed the Storm Queen during an invasion.

Marksmen/Markswomen are offensive sharpshooters who are trained to thin the enemy ranks with ruthless efficiency. They combine swift hit and run attacks with devastating volleys, endlessly harassing their opponents, leaving behind a field of dead and crippled foes in their wake.

Skills Edit

Munitions: Works the same as VK's Accords, or Purifier's Signs. Edit

Electrified Munitions: Causes ranged weapon attack abilities to deal additional physical electric damage. (Start of mid-game/End of early game)

Rending Munitions: Causes ranged weapon attack abilities to penetrate through the target's DEF and Elemental Resistances. (Mid game)

Silver Tip Munitions: Deals 50% more damage against Werewolves. Also makes ranged weapon attack abilities to increase damage received from the Marksman/other classes that uses guns by 6% per stack. Max 3 stacks. (End of mid-game/Start of late-game)

Static Shock Munitions: Same effect as Electrified Munitions, but now it also increases the Rogue's Critical Hit DMG by 5%, and all physical damage done by 15%. 10 turn cooldown. (This is the gud one. End game.)

Other Passives Edit

Getaway: On the Double removes all immobilization debuffs and makes you immune to them for 1 turn. 1 turn cooldown.

Moves Edit

Swift Shot: Deals low physical damage. Increases SPD by 15% for 2 turns. Awards 1 Combo Point. (Start)

On the Double: Increases SPD by 50% for 1 turn. 4 turn CD. (Start)

[Passive] Unrealistic Steps: Passively increases movement by 1, and Avoid & SPD by 5%.

Hasted Shot: Deals low physical damage, with a 3% increase per Combo Point. Increases movement by 1 for 1 turn if you use 5 Combo Points. Also increases SPD by 1% with increased duration and effectiveness per Combo Point. (Very early)

1 - 1%, 1 turn.

2 - 2%, 1 turn.

3 - 2%, 2 turns.

4 - 3%, 2 turns.

5 - 4%, 3 turns. Now increases Movement by 1 for one turn.

Empowered Shot: Deals low physical damage. Awards 2 Combo Points. Charge for one turn. 2 turn cooldown after missing/hitting an enemy.

Repelling Shot: Deals low physical damage and knocks the enemy back 3 tiles. 2 turn CD.

[Passive] Opposing Shot: Repelling Shot now knocks the two closest enemies to you and the main target aswell. +1 tile.

Fan Out: Deals low physical wind damage to the 3 closest enemies in a 3x4 area forward. (Early game.)

Deadeye Shot: Deals low physical damage. Deals 5% extra damage per Combo Point. (Start of mid-game) Range: 4. Requires 1 turn charge.

Unreal - Deadeye Shot: Deadeye Shot but now it deals up to 3.5 times more damage on a critical hit. Has a 2 times the normal chance to critically strike. Requires 2 turn charge.

Rapid Fire Shot: Deals low physical damage. Fires additional shots per Combo Point. +1 Shot per Point. Range: 3.

Gatling Shot: Deals low physical damage per turn for 5 turns, as long as you have Combo Points for that amount of turns. Can move while using this skill. Movement is not reduced.

Barbed Shot: Deals low physical damage. Applies bleeding to the target. Increases the target's chance to be critically hit by the Marksman and other classes which use guns' channeled abilities by 10%. Increases the damage the target receives by your other abilities by 10%. Lasts 2 turns. Awards 1 Combo Point. 1 turn CD.

Static Shot: Paralyses the enemy for one turn (Immobilize), or until damaged. 3 turn CD. Does not work on bosses. 50% chance to work on named enemies. 25% chance to work on Elite enemies. Improved Static Shot: Static Shot does not get removed upon the target receiving damage.

Deaden: Interrupts the enemy's charging ability. On a successful interrupt, the target has its main offensive stat reduced by 5% for one turn. Cannot be weakened again until 2 turns later.

Lightning Fury: Deals low physical electric damage to the 5 closest enemies in a 5x5 around/infront of you. Reduces DEF by 1% per enemy successfully hit, up to 5% per enemy, for one turn. 2 turn CD.

[Passive] Quick Reload: While the Marksman/Markswoman hasnt attacked an enemy for 2 turns, he/she will start generating 1 Combo Point per turn passively until engaging combat again.

Retreat: Leaps 4 tiles backwards. 4 turn CD.

Calculated Shot: Deals low physical damage. Removes movement buffs awarded by Swift Shot and Hasted Shot to remove the cooldown. Awards 1 Combo Point. 3 turn CD.

Deliberate Shot: Calculated Shot now applies "Targeting Telementry" to the Marksman/Markswoman for 2 turns if it removes a movement buff. Targeting Telementry increases channeling skills' damage dealt by 20%.

Eradicate: Removes 2 Buffs. 2 turn CD.

Crossfire: Deals medium physical wind damage to up to 3 enemies nearby in a 5x5. When enemies are 1 tile away, or right next to/infront of you, they are knocked 2 tiles away while this is channeling. Channels for 2 turns. Can move while channeling. 4 turn CD.