The Paragon is an offensive fighter who does not pause long enough to give his enemy time to attack him. A master of single combat, he takes down his opponent with quick weapons and unparalleled skill.

Weapons: Sword (preferably two.).

Skills Edit

Ways: Same thing as Purifier's Signs. Maximum active Way buffs (until later): 1. Edit

Way of the River: Increases Crit Chance by 3%. (Start)

Way of the Sun: Attacks after the first heal the Paragon for 20% of the damage dealt/STR/SPD stat. (Start of Mid)

Way of the Mountain: The Paragon cannot be knocked back and takes 5% less damage. (End of Mid)

Way of the Wind: Follow up attacks also deal additional low physical Wind DMG. (Late Game)

Passives Edit

Double Jeopardy: After successfully hitting with Swift Strike, Setting Moon or Thread the Trees, you gain an additional 3% chance to critically hit with Follow Up attacks for 2 turns. (+3% per upgrade, two more. Early Game)

Flowing Strikes: Hitting with an ability attack grants a 15% chance to increase Critical Hit chance by 15% for the next 2 turns. Cannot be re-applied once it is applied. (+15% per upgrade. Start of Mid Game. 2 more upgrades, each 5 levels, up to a 45% chance.)

One Two Punch: Increase Base Damage of Follow Up Attacks by 5%. (+5% per upgrade, up to 15% total. Just after/before Flowing Strikes.)

Improved Flowing Strikes: When Flowing Strikes is triggered, damage is increased by 5%. (up to +10% total, 5 levels later or something. A while after Flowing Strikes)

Deadly Parity: Hitting with a single target Follow Up attack grants a second strike that does 1 Physical DMG for every 8 STR/SPD. (6, 4, 2. Every 3 levels. Just before Improved Flowing Strikes.)

Analyze Weakness: Swift Strike, Reaping Harvest, Setting Moon and Flurry ignore 10% of enemy DEF. (5 levels later: 20%. Around Way of the Mountain.)

Duality: You may have 2 active Way buffs. (Just before Setting Moon)

Follow Up Attacks Edit

Rising Waterfall (Early Game, after RH): Deals low physical dmg. Grants 1 Attack Point.

Ascending Cascade: Has a 40% chance to strike again for 15% of damage. This effect can trigger up to 3 times per swing. (idk)

Final Blessing: Deals medium physical dmg to an enemy under 30% health. Grants 1 Attack Point. (Before Way of the Mountain)

Open the Stream: Deals low physical dmg, in addition to applying Bleeding to the enemy for 3 turns.

Moves Edit

Swift Strike: Deals low physical dmg. Awards 1 Attack Point. (Start)

Reaping Harvest: Deals more physical dmg per Attack Point. (Early Game)

1 - Low.

2 - Medium

3 - Heavy

Focus of Body: Increases STR by 6 on all nearby party members in a 5x5, for 2 turns. 3 turn CD. (Just before TtT)

Thread the Trees: Charge towards an enemy, dealing low physical dmg. (End of Early Game)

Flurry: Deals medium physical dmg per turn to a single target over 3 turns. Awards 1 Attack Point per turn. Range: 2. (After Way of the Sun)

God-like Flurry: Deals low physical dmg per turn to a single target over 3 turns. 50% Chance to attack when its not the Paragon's turn, dealing 50% of the damage.

Shifting Blades: Follow each of the next 4 single target direct damaging attacks with a second strike. (After Flurry)

1 - 10% of the damage of the initial attack.

2 - 20%

3 - 30%

Setting Moon: Deals low physical dmg, in addition to increasing the damage of Follow Up Attacks by 25% for 3 turns. Grants 1 Attack Point. (Before Way of the Wind)

Combat Focus: Adds 3 Attack Points to the Warrior. The next Reaping Harvest deals 50% more damage. 5 turn CD. (End Game)

Unleashed: Successful Follow Up attacks place a stack of Readiness on the Paragon, up to 5 stacks. Each stack increases Weapon Damage and STR by 4%. 10 turn CD. (Just after Duality)

[ULTIMATE MOVE] Alacrity: The next 7 Rising Waterfalls/Ascending Cascades, Final Blessings, and Reaping Harvests hit twice.

[ULTIMATE MOVE] Avidity: The next 14 Rising Waterfalls/Ascending Cascades, Final Blessings, and Reaping Harvests hit twice. They have a 75% chance to hit 3 times.