A universe where the events of Pokemon Brick Bronze happen differently compared to the Main Brickbronzeverse.

Notable differences are:

- The villainous team for that game not appearing.

- Gijinkas and talking pokemon.

- The Plot Police being the main villains instead.

- Many more..I guess?

So far, there is no way for people like Dominic to get into the Parallel Brickbronzeverse nor if anyone in the Parallel Brickbronzeverse can get to the other universes.

The notable regions present in this parallel universe are:

- Roria

- Unova (Where the events of Pokemon Black/White happen...but rather differently--being a journey of a green-haired boy who is soon going to be the hero of ideals rather than a journey of a pokemon trainer. The presumably-solo RPs take place in the past before the journey of Edolina & co. ever begin. The green-haired boy may be around his 20s by the time Edolina & co.'s journey begins.)

[W.I.P still]

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