Usable Weapons:

[Regular Sentinel] Lances

[Sword Sentinel] Swords

[Axe Sentinel] Axes

Promotes to Edit

[Regular Sentinel and Axe Sentinel]

Guardian (Armored) (Regular Sentinel can now wield Axes while Axe Sentinel can now wield Lances)

[Sword Sentinel]

Sword Guardian (Armored)

Base Stats Edit

HP: 20 (Stat Growth: 75%)

STR: 5 (Stat Growth: 60%)

DEF: 8 (Stat Growth: 95%)

MAG: 0 (Stat Growth: 5%)

M-DEF: 1 (Stat Growth: 15%)

SPD: 4 (Stat Growth: 35%)

SKL: 5 (Stat Growth: 55%)

LCK: 0 (Stat Growth: 30%)

Stat Spread: 23

Max Stats Edit

HP: 47

STR: 26

DEF: 30

MAG: 12

M-DEF: 13

SPD: 20

SKL: 28

LCK: 30

Stat Spread: 159

Class Skills Edit


LVL 5 - Military Stance (Rank I) (Unit can enter an offensive or defensive stance as a bonus action, (after movement, trade, canto, etc.) Offensive grants +2 STR/+2 SKL, Defensive grants +2 DEF/+2 RES. A unit can stay in these stances at the cost of movement the next turn. (-1 MOV.) If the unit breaks stance, they regain the movement next turn.)