A mountainous area (a canyon) with high drops with no visible way to get back up. This area is ruled by a tough dragon with scales which are hard as rocks. The dragon stomps and walks around, making landslides and vibrations on the ground. Another dragon rules the other half of the canyon: Goran, the Terra Draco. Both territorial, they will not have mercy on those who enter their "thrones".

Other than the two Canyon Kings, there are other creatures, such as Terracranks - golems with magic powers -, Rock Druids - mages with the powers of light and rock -, and Kyashock "Magigolems", which hold a staff and are made out of electric rocks. Some of them have Kyashock Shards scattered around their body. Kyashock Magigolems are followed by Electrexes - rock wyrms with Kyashock on their back. Another monster, only found in the caves on the big drops, is Duchess, the Magirock Sorceress.

Enemies Edit

The Canyon's Normal Monsters Edit

Name Description Base Stats & Growths Drops
Electrex A wyrm made out of stone.

Has Kyashock Spikes on its back which emit


HP: 12 (Stat Growth: 30%)

STR: 3 (Stat Growth: 50%)

DEF: 5 (Stat Growth: 15%)

MAG: 2 (Stat Growth: 50%)

M-DEF: 0 (Stat Growth: 30%)

SPD: 2 (Stat Growth: 25%)

SKL: 3 (Stat Growth: 90%)

LCK: 0 (Stat Growth: 25%)

Kyashock Shard x1-3, Kyashock
Rock Druid A druid made out of stone and light energy.

Said to be friendly, but is actually aggressive, and rarely friendly.

HP: 15 (Stat Growth: 44%)

STR: 3 (Stat Growth: 47%)

DEF: 6 (Stat Growth: 49%)

MAG: 3 (Stat Growth: 41%)

M-DEF: 4 (Stat Growth: 51%)

SPD: 1 (Stat Growth: 17%)

SKL: 4 (Stat Growth: 23%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 12%)

Druid's Golden Staff (10% chance to drop)
Terracrank Brown golems with magic powers. Said to be planning something due to their appearance.

HP: 28 (Stat Growth: 56%)

STR: 3 (Stat Growth: 47%)

DEF: 7 (Stat Growth: 52%)

MAG: 3 (Stat Growth: 47%)

M-DEF: 4 (Stat Growth: 50%)

SPD: 1 (Stat Growth: 9%)

SKL: 4 (Stat Growth: 23%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 12%)

Runerock x1-4, Terracrank Arm (5% chance to drop)
Kyashock Magigolem Floating, magical golems harnessing the power of Kyashock.

Always carry a staff around.

Some of them have Kyashock around their body.

HP: 25 (Stat Growth: 43%)

STR: 1 (Stat Growth: 23%)

DEF: 2 (Stat Growth: 16%)

MAG: 6 (Stat Growth: 67%)

M-DEF: 5 (Stat Growth: 55%)

SPD: 3 (Stat Growth: 36%)

SKL: 5 (Stat Growth: 37%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 18%)

Magigolem's Scepter (10% chance to drop), Magigolem Core (5% chance to drop)
<Magirock Sorceress> Duchess A blueish, "floating" golem harnessing magirock manipulating powers.

Found in caves leading to the ground level of the Canyon.

HP: 37 (Stat Growth: 60%)

STR: 3 (Stat Growth: 44%)

DEF: 4 (Stat Growth: 40%)

MAG: 3 (Stat Growth: 45%)

M-DEF: 3 (Stat Growth: 43%)

SPD: 4 (Stat Growth: 36%)

SKL: 5 (Stat Growth: 37%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 18%)

Duchess' Waist Rock, Duchess Rock x14

The Canyon Kings Edit

Name Description Base Stats & Growths Drops Location
Goran, the Terra Draco A bipedal dragon with short arms and wings.

Has rock-hard scales, and a mace-like tail.

HP: 49 (Stat Growth: 88%)

STR: 8 (Stat Growth: 69%)

DEF: 8 (Stat Growth: 69%)

MAG: 1 (Stat Growth: 16%)

M-DEF: 0 (Stat Growth: 8%)

SPD: 1 (Stat Growth: 12%)

SKL: 5 (Stat Growth: 37%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 18%)

Goran's Head, Goran's Tail, Goranstone x15, Goran Claw x12 Goran's Throne
Terros, the King of the Pillars A bipedal, fat dragon said to be Goran's older brother.

Has rock-hard scales and a long, mace-like tail.

HP: 57 (Stat Growth: 78%)

STR: 10 (Stat Growth: 66%)

DEF: 9 (Stat Growth: 85%)

MAG: 1 (Stat Growth: 24%)

M-DEF: 1 (Stat Growth: 24%)

SPD: 1 (Stat Growth: 16%)

SKL: 5 (Stat Growth: 37%)

LCK: 1 (Stat Growth: 18%)

Terros' Tail, Terros' Head, Terros Claw x16, Terros' Fang x12, Terros' Scale x18, Terros' Shell x18 Pillars of Terros

Tamables Edit

Name Description Base Stats & Growths Drops
<Moving Mountain> Arid Blast A brown, ironhide dragon hiding in Terros' Canyon's huge pits.

Something is making it go into hiding...

HP: 58 (Stat Growth: 87%)

STR: 8 (Stat Growth: 72%)

DEF: 10 (Stat Growth: 88%)

MAG: 1 (Stat Growth: 16%)

M-DEF: 1 (Stat Growth: 16%)

SPD: 2 (Stat Growth: 24%)

SKL: 4 (Stat Growth: 43%)

LCK: 2 (Stat Growth: 26%)