A group of Deities worshiped by the races in the B&RPverse. There are two pantheons: The Old B&RP Pantheon which were worshiped by the races that were present during the ancient times of the B&RPverse and The New B&RP Pantheon which is currently worshiped by many people during the modern times of the B&RPverse.

[Although atheists still exist.]

New F&RP Pantheon Gods/Godesses Edit

Randy295 - Deity of AFKing (< Loves to play with himself.)

Kamile - Deity of Adventure & Mythical Beasts (< Cer's Spot)

Skittlesthepug - Deity of Creation

Krydat - Deity of ??? (Brocks? or plushies?)

Coolkuy - Deity of ???

Everyone else in the F&RP Discord is a Demigod.

Demi-Gods Edit

Krymat - Demigod of ???

Chans - Demigod of Love