The B&RPverse is an universe settled in the present time, in which technology is commonly seen. It is way, WAY larger than the Archaiverse and the Ventureverse.

Locations - Overworld Edit

(censored) Archipelago Edit

An archipelago which consists of islands which mainly contain monsters of the ice and thunder elements. Come to this place if you want a challenge.


The Hub Edit

The Hub is where the heroes and villains start fights, and where both sides live at.

The First Hub Edit

Left behind, it is now a wasteland.

Creatures are slowly changing it.


The Quiet Hollows Edit

A cave which housed the Light Orb, before Setchi and Edmund retrieved it.

Enemies: Bat, Brown Slime, Big Rock Golem (Orb Guardian).


Wet Woodland Edit

Meme Desert Edit

Pryfix Forest Edit

A dark (from what I read) forest located on the edge of a cliff.

Has a cliff which leads to the Firefly Pond.

Enemies: Spiders (with webs which fall off cliffs).

Firefly Pond (Pre-Rumbling) Edit

It is said that, at night, many fireflies gather around this place.

Possibility of being a Lizardman territory.

Enemies: Lizardmen.

Firefly Pond & Broque Caves (Post Rumbling) Edit

The Firefly Pond is now located at the Broque Caves due to some rumbling, and is now a river towards the Broque Mall. No more enemies can be fought here.

The Broque Caves is a system of caverns which is home to brickles and broques in an endless war.

Brickle Camp Edit

Everything is red, and it houses many brickles (duh).

According to a brickle, it houses the Fire Orb, yet the caves are really cold (freezing).

Lower Broque Caves Edit

Connected to Firefly Pond (Post Rumbling), it contains a Broque Mall, currently trying to be taken over by Brickles, but being protected by Broques.

Upper Broque Caves Edit

Accessed via Emergency Stairs, the Brickles control this part of the Broque Caves.

Enemies: Cave Goblins, Fire-Breathing Monster

The Ruins Edit

The Ruins Underground Dungeon Edit




Skeleton Swordsman

Giant Rat




Skeletal Dragon

The Outpost Edit

More can be learnt about the outpost at its link.

Port Prisma Edit

See the link for more info.


Anguis Avalon/Daitan'na Shotō - Ferozia, the Ferocious One Edit

Ferozia is a huge archipelago with the shape of a dragonic creature. It is a really large archipelago, with the islands not too far from eachother, some being connected. It is a place filled with dragons, draconians and other ferocious beasts, such as the Rockanguis of the Graystone Hills, or the Coastal Ocean Tyrants, or the Gray Behemoths.

Necronoxius Edit

Necronoxius, Necronoxious, Necronox, Necronius, or something among those names, is the hub of the undead which have rebelled against Mysten. Its geography is very similar to Necronia/the Necrotic Badlands from the Archaiverse, but the stone is a darker black and the acids are as green as a Noxwing's. There is also a larger amount of undead roaming around; along with monsters. They are constantly fighting monsters from Dusken when they head to villages; and they ignore the villagers.

Shimmersand Edit


Stormfrost Peak Edit

The Stormfrost Peak is a cold, mountainous area where both sides of the Dimensional/Planar War seek aid from its habitants; specifically, the Icewatch.

It is also the place where [REDACTED] - though the Guardians are not aware of that.

Fiery Highlands Edit

The Fiery Highlands is a mountainous valley with geysers of fire. It is the location of the Triatio Adventuring Team's main base. Further down the valley, you will find a giant cave, and a volcano - the Behemoth's Den.

Behind the Behemoth's Den, you will find a dock which sails to Magmonia.

Flames of Avalon Edit

The Flames of Avalon consists of islands with monsters of the fire element. They are located at the central part of Anguis Avalon, as the island's flames.

Magmonia Edit

The Eastern Part of Magmonia is dry, like the Wastelands, but not as warm. The middle is a forest - Luna Forest - and the division of the two parts. The Western Part is warmer than the Wastelands, and the location of the [REDACTED], where [REDACTED] plots to resurrect the [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

A castle in the northern part is being attacked by Lavians/Lavafeather Avians/Lava Avians, who have also built a stronghold - Lavafeather Caverns. They are allied to [REDACTED], and have a small role in the Dimensional War.

Inglend Isle Edit

An island warmer than Western Magmonia, almost as hot as Infernak. On this island, many monsters of the fire element live, including a special dragon species.

Ember Isle Edit

Forgotten Tropics Edit

On a far-flung island, the "Kelari" kingdom lies abandoned, vines choking the wreckage of grand cities. Ancient spirits whisper from rocks and trees and water, slowly succumbing to corruption, and stalwart watchers fall back before hordes of fanatics come to free an elder evil.

On Ember Isle, where the "Undying Flame" writhes in his molten prison, the Guardians must stand against the fire and stone of the Defiants.


Dimensions Edit

C########h Edit

To be revealed.

Hell (Infernak) Edit

A place filled with horrors. It is also where Itamirias holds her army.

Points of interest:

Hell's Kitchen: Edit

A pit which leads to a system of caverns, basically the local restaurant, where the denizens of Hell (Infernak) go to after a day of exploring, or killing humans at the Overworld. This is a part of one of the very few safe havens in Infernak.


Brimhound Pits: Edit

As the name suggests, it is where the Hell Hounds live, or atleast are bred at.


Dusken Edit

Dusken is divided into two zones: Dustopia and Greckon.

Dustopia is a pitch black forest where the darkness rules, and home to many terrifying nightmarish abominations who scare and hunt mercilessly for a living. Dustopia is not a place for those who get scared easily.

Greckon is a mountainous, open area with trees with a beautiful redish-orange (?) sky. However, a bit like Dustopia, it contains monsters which hunt and scare for a living aswell. This is the easier part of Dusken; rarely, merchants from Dustopia come here due to the creatures living in their original area.

L'Borean Edit

L'Borean, just like the Ventureverse's Sprawling Sea, L'Borean is a place where water reigns. However, the habitants of this place live underwater, with enemies landing on the surface; on an island. Friendlies are granted eternal breathing bubbles, unless enemies shatter them with a certain type of magic.

L'Borean is Sarah's home-dimension of the Dimensional War, she is also the leader of the Guardians despite being young.

Gardencia Edit

Gardencia is a green place with water here and there. It is ruled by creatures related to vegetables/fruits/plants/whatever, you get it. All creatures here are healed quickly when standing in the water.

Gardencia is Xylia's home-dimension of the Dimensional War, and she is the second 1/3 of the good (Guardian) side, the last being Alyss.

Asmorift Edit

To be announced.

Vox Ponds Edit

The Vox Ponds is an inhospitable place with a toxic, polluted air which could kill any who enter without a mask in seconds. Beings living in this dimension are poisonous, toxic. This dimension is post-apocalyptic themed, and some beings have modern weapons (guns, rockets, etc) attached to them. Heck, some of them ARE weapons themselves; one example is the Alarmo.