The Outpost is a group of A.I that work together to unite as much of the galaxy as possible. They're a Type II Civilization.The Advisors [the name for said A.I] are a scientifically progressive race, but they include Economic, Militaristic, Cultural and many other Advisor groups.

The Advisors are found in the B&RPverse, in a galaxy that has been wealthy in life, Naming of the galaxy is yet to come.

The Outpost is remodeling a new planet.


Somewhere on a now uncharted planet, a race of sub-humans have reached a near-futuristic age. Unfortunately, they ignored scientific progress in favor of military spending, this led to a massive resource deficiency, first resulting in ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. To combat this, a country developed the first ever AI- but it couldn't learn. It was a rough draft, and didn't have enough memory to remember his own language. This was the Economic Advisor.

The collapse was still taking a big impact, and this caused a massive resource war, about 75 years after the first AI. While the Economic Advisor was still getting improvements, the country was taking a big beating from the surrounding powers, Deciding that the AI could save the country, the built the worlds second AI, the Military Advisor. Now equipped with higher computing and memory power, this AI could learn after failed attempts.

The world was not only suffering from several atomic wastelands, but global warming was also playing a huge role, nearly destroying the planet. Before the planet and species was lost, they built the final two Advisors. Cultural, to hopefully find evidence of their previous race, and the Scientific, hopefully to lead and focus on progress.

They sent the advisors to another solar system, and said their final goodbyes. The Economic Advisor does not remember the people, and the Military Advisor refuses to mention the race.


The most recent invention of the outpost would be the Alice Matter Turbine.