The Start Edit

The war started when a group of god-like dragons known as the Blood Storm found the B&Rpverse and felt intense power radiating from it; which, for them, seemed like a perfect place to reign. That was the moment where the six clashed, and started fighting around the B&RPverse. Other beings from other universes also found it, thus initiating a huge war. Those defeated; whether Blood Storm or newcomers; would be considered Exiles by the winners.

The Exiled Edit

The Keepers Edit


The Rifts and the Elemental Planes Edit

Rifts are breaches in the fabric of reality made by planar invaders to assault other worlds. Rift Tears are rifts in the process of opening. Any of the 6 planes can appear after a certain time period after a Tear appears. Rifts may also be opened through Rift Tears manually by Defiants or Guardians. There are three other rift difficulties: Major Rifts, Expert Rifts and Raid Rifts.

Major Rifts are pretty much the same as Minor Rifts in terms of enemy appearance, but the difficulty is harder, therefore the rewards are better.

They have one additional stage, totalizing 6.

The Elemental Planes and their Leaders Edit

  • Throughout the start of the war, the Planar Dragon Gods fought to keep control over their planes. Some succeeded, yet others have been defeated.
  • Those defeated have been renamed to Exiles; and seek to take over the current leader by all means.

Planar Champions Edit

The Planar Champions are the nine leading captains and organizers of their respective planes. Each one is highly attuned to their respective plane. The Exiles do not have champions (characters).

Champion of the TBA

Champion of the TBA

Champions of the TBA


Champions of the TBA

Champion of the TBA

Champion of the TBA