Name Description Offensive/Defensive Stats Other Stats Effects (Abilities, skills..) Method of Obtaining Recipe
Emberwood Axe Chopping wood with wood on fire. 2 DMG + STR, 1 Fire DMG Acc: 95%

Crit: 0%

Range: 1

Uses: 12

+4 Fire DMG to enemies weak against fire. Craft it, or buy it from the Emberlogging Camp in Moltenian Island x4 Emberwood
Kukulkan's Staff This staff contains most of Lord Kukulkan's powers. You can feel the Primeval Jungle on the palm of your hand. Deals 7 DMG

+6 MAG

Acc: 85%

Crit: 2%




New Moves:

Feathered Glory - Manipulates green energy and sends it at 3 enemies, dealing low magic grass dmg.

Heals 3 allies by 10% of their max life. 2 turn cd

Serpentine Bite - Summons a green, unarmored Kukulkan to bite the enemy, dealing low physical grass dmg and having a 60% chance to inflict poison for 3 turns.

1 turn CD.

Kill Lord Kukulkan in the Primeval Jungle, or craft it. 35 Kulkan Scales, 18 Red Kulkan Feathers, Staff
Kulkan's Wingblade You feel that you can fly while holding this sword. Deals 8 DMG

+5 STR

Deals 2 Wind DMG

Deals 4 Grass DMG

Acc: 90%

Crit: 5%

Uses: 25

New Move: Aerial Slash:

Raise the sword up in the air and take flight for one turn. On the next turn, charge at an enemy and slash them, dealing magic wind damage according to your MAG and Weapon's DMG.

1 turn CD after the charge.

Craft it. 2 Kukulkan's Wings,

1 Kukulkan's Head,

18 Kulkan Scales

Mystic Airblade The winds follow you as you wield this blade. Deals 7 DMG

+4 STR

Deals 4 Wind DMG

Acc: 95%

Crit: 2%

Uses: 23

New Skill:

Amphizalcoatl's Breath:

Swings with this sword release a gust of air, dealing additional wind dmg to enemies nearby (3x3).

(The additional Wind DMG is calculated according to Weapon DMG and user's STR)

Craft it. 5 Amphizalcoatl Scales, 5 Amphizalcoatl Feathers, 2 Amphizalcoatl Tailfeathers
Varinha Tribal The totem seems to be watching you. Deals 6 DMG

+5 MAG

Deals 5 Wind DMG

Acc: 85%

Crit: 5%

Uses: 30

Ancient Chant:

Chants for one turn, summoning floating totems on the next. The totems will target the 3 closest enemies and ram onto them, shattering into dust and then, nothing afterwards. Deals low physical earth dmg calculated from the user's STR.

1 turn CD after the Totems are shattered.

Craft it. 4 Amphizalcoatl Tailfeathers,

2 Amphizalcoatl Frontfangs,

8 Amphizalcoatl Feathers,

15 Canyon Stone

Gilded Empyrean


The golden winds calm your team down, and invigorates them. Deals 8 DMG

+4 STR

Deals 5 Wind DMG

Acc: 95%

Crit: 5%



New Skill:

Gilded Breath:

Swings with this sword release a wind which goes forward and backwards.

Deals low physical wind dmg to enemies forwards. (Range: 5x2)

The winds that go behind you heal 5% of the affected teammates' health, up to 2 teammates can be healed. (Range: 5x2)

(Wind DMG has no calculation, and deals the preset dmg as stated. Same for healing.)

Craft it. Mystic Airblade,

6 Golden Scales,

5 Golden Feathers,

2 Golden Frontfangs

Aureate Skywand The totem watches over you, protecting you from unseen dangers. Deals 7 DMG

+5 MAG

Deals 5 Wind DMG

Acc: 90%

Crit: 5%

Uses: 32

Holy Chant:

You start to pray to the Gilded Amphizalcoatl's guardian spirits for one turn. On the next turn, 2 of them will appear. One will be happy, and the other, sad.

The happy one will heal a teammate for 20% of their max health. The sad one will release a yellow light at one enemy, dealing low magic light dmg and having a 75% chance of inflicting Blind for 1 turn.

Craft it. Varinha Tribal, 4 Blessed Tailfeathers, 3 Golden Frontfangs,

8 Golden Feathers, 3 Gold Bars.